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Talk like Cowboy

What could be more American than cowboys. If youre looking for larger than life heros to emulate then theres one place to explore, the legends of the Old West. Unfortunatly the early cowboys were not the greats we think of today they were just the opposite. The term cowboy began during the civil War to describe Tories (Americans loyal to England) who used cowbells to imitate lost cattle. This would lure unsuspecting patriots into ambushes. Despite the unpatriotic origin of the term, over time the cowboy would become the symbol of America.Today, real cowboys are almost gone. But the legend lives on. Lets sit back, throw log on the fire stire the beans, and learn how to talk like a cowboy.

Commonly Used Cowboy Terms

Bronco : a wild horse
Chuck : refers to food cowboys ate while on the trail. Typical chuck included fresh beef, beans, biscuits and salted pork.
Chuck Wagon : the wagon that carried food and supplies while on the trail.
Cookie : the ranch cook who typically drove the chuck wagon and prepared food.
Cutting out : separating young calves out to be branded
Dogie : As in "get a long little dogie." This term refers to a calf without a mother.
Hackamore : a bitless bridle
Lariat : a rope
Lasso : to rope
Maverick : a cow whose owner was unknown, usually unbranded
Muley : a cow without horns
Mustang : a wild horse
Necktie Social : the act of hanging someone
On the Dodge : hiding out from the law
Outlaw : any extremely wild animal, including people
Paint : a horse covered in patches of white
Quirt : a whip used by cowboys
Remuda : a ranch's collection of saddle horses
Riding fence : checking to see if the ranch's fences needed repair
Road Agent : a robber
Rodeo : a celebration at the end of a successful cattle drive
Roundup : gathering all the cattle on the ranch to get a head count
Rustler : someone who steals cattle
Shindig : a dance
Sell Your Saddle : to be humiliated
Tenderfoot : a newbie in the cattle business
Waddy : a temporary worker hired as extra help

With these cowboy terms, you are on your way to talking like a cowboy. All you need next is a sunset and Monument Valley to make you a real Cowboy legend.