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Great 70s Fancy Dress Costumes

70's Fancy Dress

Hippies, bell bottoms seventies chicks and flares. Its DISCO time
Lets shimmer and shake to the sixties in one of our attractive little 60's numbers or dress up seventies style with our range of 70's fancy dress costumes and 1970's party accessories. Try our hippie clothing and retro mini dresses.

Do you lust over the fashions of the seventies? Girls in both long and short revealing dresses, cool flowing styles or those platform shoes that were a heaven sent present from the Fashion Gods. I to was the proud owner of a pair of 6” platforms which, when combined with a pair of over long pink flares , took me to new heights of girl pulling, or so I thought.
Driving my old 105e wearing six inch heals was a skill young lads of today don't have to master.

Saturday night fever from the Bee Gees and the Hustle eminated from all the cars during the day with Bary White at night.

So what clothes did we wear?

Trousers that flared extremely wide at the bottom to completely cover shoes. Never knew the difference between these and bellbottoms. Does anyone know?

Halter Necks
Lovely little backless tops for the girls, which tied up round the neck and midriff. Very nice in the summer months.

Cheesecloth Shirt
A handy item for those people who hated ironing. I loved these in the mid 70’s when Status Quo were in their hey day. Went well with your Levi Jeans and huge buckled belts.

Shorts with bib ‘n’ brace, very often made from crimplene! Some had turn ups. Some things have improved over the years. Just ask yourself, who looked better in Hotpants, Babs from Pans People or Kylie?(1971)

Kipper Tie
Extremely wide tie with huge knot! Great for keeping your shirt clean. (Mid to late 70’s)

Leather shoes with front tassel. Made you look cool and sound even cooler if Blakies added and worn together with your Ben Sherman, Sta-press trousers and Crombie. (1972)

Loon Pants
Heavy cotton hipster trousers that changed colour from the knee downwards. Looked like something that Barbara from the “Good Life” would run up on her sewing machine! (1974)

Chunky shoes (often multi-coloured) with dangerously high heels and mega thick soles. Ideal for that sexy walk across the dance floor to impress that chick/guy you had your eye on all night. NOT!

Lots of leather, tartan, safety pins, heavy make-up, chains and anything else you felt like wearing, to get you noticed whilst “pogo-ing” and to scare your Nan! (1977)

Big round toed shoes. Very comfortable fashion and popular with those who had a width-fitting off the scale at Clarkes!

Skinny Rib Tops
Very tight fitting jumpers to show off all those intended and unintended curves!

Trousers that flared out from the knee & covered your shoes. The wider the better, with 24” being the ultimate in cool.

Ben Sherman Shirt
Slim fitting shirt with button down collar & an inch wide pleat down the back with tab. Popular with the shaven head, braces and Dr. Martin brigade.

Metal sole protection that you fixed on the heel of your shoes, mostly to make as much noise as possible tap dancing in the school corridor and to make sparks on the pavement as you walked home from school.. Did anyone actually ever buy them to protect their shoes?

Chocolate Brown Tights
Another ghastly colour to cover pasty white legs! Not quite “oompa loompa “ but just as sexy.

Cowbell Necklace
A small bell hanging from a leather shoestring. Mostly worn by Hippies and probably with not a lot else! (Early 70’s)

Black or Navy woollen knee length coat with red silk hanky in top pocket. Worn by the same crowd making lots of noise with their blakies! (1972)

Dinner Plate Sleeves
Blouses or shirts that flared out from the elbow. Not the best item to wear when meeting the boy/girlfriend’s parents for the first time and eating soup!

Elasticated Nurse Belt
Worn with high waisted skirts, this belt had a 3 clasp metal fastening. Most boyfriends were interested in the full nurses uniform, not just the belt! (1975)

Woven or canvas wedge shoes/sandals with long ties to criss- cross up the legs! Great for stopping the circulation, giving you varicous veins and an interesting tan if worn in the sun. Never stayed up even with the best boy scout knot! (1977)

Falmer Jeans & Waistcoat
Denim with 3 pin-tucks in the back pockets & front of waistcoat. Status Quo eat your heart out. (1976)


Snakeskin Boots
Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) will be pleased to note these were fake.An ideal item to be worn with a mini-skirt, according to the blokes!

Starsky Cardigan
A chunky- knit, long length, woollen cardigan with belt. Normally cream and brown and only ever looked good on me and Starsky! A really cool bit of clothing which I absolutely loved.

Sta-press Trousers
Drainpipe trousers with crisp permanent creases. Made from the famous trevira that never required ironing. No wonder they were so popular.

Tank Top
Sleeveless skinny ribbed jumper in various colours. Lost all credibility when worn by Frank Spencer in “Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em”!

No description necessary. What ever happened to Les, Eric, Alan, Woody, and the other one? (1975)

Tonic Trousers, Skirt, Jacket
Woven trevira material that looked two different colours when viewed in different directions. Normally the following colours; green/brown, pink/purple or blue/black. Ideal for those short of money who wanted to make it look like they had more clothes, as long as they walked backwards sometimes! (Early 70’s)

Wide Collared shirts
Sometimes patterned with white collars. The wider the collar the better to show off the hairy chest and medallion. Collars that were wider than your shoulders were really impressive. Now back in fashion according to Harry Hill!