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Costumes and accessories for all your themed Parties

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Party themes and costume Ideas

It has never been a better time than now to have a fancy dress party. Fancy Dress costumes have never been cheaper and more widely available.

There are many themes you can use for a great event and we are here to help you plan and run your spectacular party.

Why not try

Pirates and Sirens

Shiver me Timbers - you can easily make your own pirates costume with just an eye patch and bandana for accessories or go the whole hog and get a complete Captain Jack Sparrow Costume.
Dee's fancy dress stock a whole range of costumes for this theme including disney's captain Hook, deluxe Caribbean Pirates, sexy pirate Wenches, Buccaneers and deadly Captain Black.
With so many feature films and TV shows like pirates of the Caribbean, Long John Silver and Blackbeard you can have a great time creating invites and setting the scene for both indoor and outdoor events.

Seventies Parties

70's parties have never been more popular than they are now and we have an amazing range of costumes for you. We have the compulsory nineteen seventy swinging chick dresses, John Travolta's famous white suit and groovy baby Austin Powers complete wardrobe. The seventies is a great theme for a party because if all the very flamboyant clothing worn like Bell bottom trousers, flared trousers, Short brightly coloured dresses and of course the whole hippy culture. At dee's fancy dress we pride ourselves in stocking a massive range of costumes and other goodies to make any 70s evening go with a swing.

Fluffy Animal Costumes

There are many occasions when you may need a cute Bunny Rabbit costume or a Gruesome Gorilla. We stock an impressive range of animal costumes for every occasion. Our penguin suits are very popular and our Party Animal range always go down well including the sexy cow, Big Bad wolf and party Bull costumes. easter time wouldn't be complete without a big chicken suit and our Pink panther always goes down a treat with the kids.

Fancy a trip to the orient

We have a hilarious Snake charmer costume where your left are is actually the snake. You can both terrify and amuse your friends with your snaky antics. Our vast range of Arab costumes cover every price range from very cheap to our exclusive deluxe range. belly dancers, Sultans and Lawrence of arabia make a great party theme even better.

Around The World

How about a global party where guests have to guess where you are from.
From the USA we have American Football Players and cheer leaders. Our traditional bavarian costumes are always in demand. From the Caribbean we have the ever popular Banana Dancing Girls. Our European range includes costumes from Spain,France, germany and Roamania.We have unique costumes from Japan and china and our Mexican and Thai costumes also add to the impressive range.

Cave Men and women

From Fred Flintstone and Wilma to sexy cave girls our impressive range of prehistoric cave attire will help create the right mood for any Cave Party.

Clown Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Bring on the clowns. our selection of Circus clowns, funny hats, Big Clown Shoes, Big bow ties and hilarious Wigs are all available in our clown section. Are you ready for some clowning around?
We have an good colourful selection of clown and circus costumes to suit all needs. For both circus and fairground our clown outfits will bring the funny man (or girl) out in all that wear them.

Cops and Robbers

It doesn't mater if you want to be good or bad our Cops and Robbers costumes are all you need. No matter if you're good or bad we have the outfit for you. We have both sexy cops and convicts costumes that would turn any red blooded male to crime.
Both good cop and bad cop are catered for in our great selection of crime busting police costumes.
Prisoner, chain gang, policewoman uniforms, convict costumes, judges outfit, judges wigs and a range of WPC fancy dress props and accessories.

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

At some point, you will more than likely receive an invite to a fancy dress party, and whatever the chosen guise or theme,you will have to look good. It's no good turning up thinking you're Dracula when everyone else at the party thinks your Alice Cooper. What to wear is always the biggest headache when gong to a costume party. Even when you are given a theme to comply to.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

There are many commercial costumes available at the local stores, however between the cost, and lack of imagination, and the fact you end up with a half dozen kids all looking the same at a party. Nothing beats homemade. Below is some basic ideas for you to play with. All are cheap, easy, and allow for tons of imagination.


Fancy Dress Outfits Hire

When most people are invited to a fancy dress party, their first thought is to find fancy dress shops and to hire a costume, have you ever thought of buying a costume instead?
The fancy dress market has changed you no longer have to hire fancy dress outfits to get really good costumes for your fancy dress parties.
For the same price as hiring you can purchase extremely good fancy dress outfits.

What are the disadvantages of Hiring fancy dress outfits.

When you hire a costume you have to pay a deposit. This deposit is usually as much if not more than the costume hire. Why? well If you damage the costume the deposit is retained by the hire company and the costume hire can then costs you double the original hire charge.

When you hire a costume you will have the hassle (and the cost) of shipping the costume back to the hire company , again increasing your hire costs.

Certain parts of a costume wigs for example should not be hired for health and safety reasons. These parts of your outfits then have to be bought outright anyway.

What are the advantages of buying an outfit over hiring one?

If you buy a costume the outfit is then yours to keep. This means the outfit is actually an investment as it can be used again and shared with friends and family. We have one penguin costume that has really done the rounds and has paid for itself over and over again.
Your choice of costumes to buy increases every day with an expanding market and because of healthy competition the prices are extremely low a full outfit can lost as little as £15.

When the parties over you don't need to go to all the trouble of returning the costume, just pop it in the wardrobe for use later.

Peace of mind

When you are wearing hired costumes you can never relax. You are always conscious that you may damage the costume. If you own the outfit outright you can enjoy yourself to the full.

Most people also assume that fancy dress hire is cheaper than buying, but this is not always the case, sure there are some fancy dress outfits for sale that are not cheap like the deluxe star wars costumes, but there are plenty of cheap fancy dress costumes that could cost you even less than costume hire.

Sure you can find fancy dress hire online options, but to date most don't offer the huge selection of costumes that you can find when you buy. What has to be one of the main disadvantages of hiring costumes especially online is that you can never be sure what condition your costume will arrive in, buying a costume has to be the better deal because it arrives brand new, in the box.

If you are also planning on hosting a costume party, and are looking for some ideas for fancy dress themes, browsing an online fancy dress shop is a great place to quickly get loads of fancy dress ideas.

And for me here is the final nail in the coffin for costume hire, if you decide that you don't want to wear the costume again, you could always sell it on a web site like Ebay after the fancy dress party, who knows your brand new Darth Vadar or Robin Hood may end up costing you nothing!



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