When is Halloween?

Most people will celebrate halloween this year on Thursday 31st October 2011,
this is All Hallows Eve.

What is Halloween?

Traditionally this was a festival dating back over 1000 years that celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of a new year on November 1st. Later the Romans incorporated their festival that commemorated the passing of the dead.
Ancient Gaels believed Halloween was when the boundary between the alive and dead dissolved and the dead could then create problems for the living like destroying crops.
Masks and costumes were worn at these festivals to mimic the evil spirits.

Halloween (Hallows Eve), is followed by Hallows' Day which is also known as All Saints Day (All Hallows' Day). This used to be celebrated by christians on May 13th to honour all the saints that did not have a day of their own.
A lot of people think this day was moved to sapplant the pagan holiday with a Christian one. The next Day is All Souls' Day, added by the Catholic church to honour all of the dead, not just the early Christian Saints. The three day period is a perfect example of superstition struggling with religious belief.

Today in Southend on Sea, Essex children are adopting the american influenses of Halloween and are dressing up and tralling the local streets doing trick or treat.

With so many new and exiting costumes to choose from kids today now look forward to 31st October when they can become a super hero, Ghost ,Witch or vampire.

The south east of England has right back to the middle ages celebrated this night and in some local villages real 21st century witches meet in the woods to celebrate the dead.

trick or treating

Doing "Trick or treat" can be fun but you should always respect other peoples privacy. Always prepare your night well in advance and don't leave getting your costumes to the last minute. There are many costumes available for this scary night including luminous Skeletons, Devils and Ghosts, Witches and many Monsters.

Halloween Safety

Before any children start out on their "trick or treat" rounds, parents should make sure that:
Children under the age of 12 should always be supervised by an adult.
Children should only use streets they know well.
A time has been arranged that the children should be home.
Children should not go into any properties and follow these rules:
Do not enter any buildings without adult supervision.
Walk from house to house. Do not run. Do not cross any gardens.
Never walk in the Road only on the path.


History of Halloween

Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

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TV and Movies will create the demand for costumes this Halloween


In the UK every year hall owe en trick-or-treating becomes more and more popular.

Dees fancy Dress predict the top Halloween costumes this year will come from TV children's channels and Movie blockbusters. This year "The Dark Knight," Batman will be top of the list for kids, adults and pets. We also predict the Joker, "Star Wars," "Harry Potter" and "Hannah Montana" will all be popular this year with the growing band of trick or treat kids.

Most popular adult costumes this year seam to be pirate's, 70's theme including lots of short dresses and Hippies.

Obviously Ghosts, vampires, mummies and witches always sell.

So What should I be wearing:


With Halloween on a Sunday we can expect more adults to be having parties this year.

French maids, Nurses and superhero's seem to be popular this year but not as much as Pirates, Sirens and other Heroic Characters from History.

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